Аддитивное производство

Simulation of laser cladding and other additive processes that build up material. VERICUT reads laser parameters and controls laser performance as well as carrier gas and metal powder flow directly from the NC program. This ensures the correct and collision-free use of additive CNC systems.

VERICUT's additive module simulates both additive and traditional machining capabilities (milling or turning) of new CNC hybrid machines.

Benefits & Features:
  • Verifies laser activity, performance, material application and gas flow
  • Detect collisions between hybrid machine and additive part
  • Identify errors, voids and misplaced material
  • Realistic representation of material deposition and machine features
  • Supports 5-axis milling, turning and additive laser sintering
  • Simulate NC programs for hybrid machines
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Laser Inspection

The additive module simulates laser cladding and material deposition. VERICUT reads laser parameters and controls laser wattage flow of carrier gas, and metallic powder specific to each job/material type.

Detect collisions

VERICUT detects collisions between the machine and the additive part, as well as checking for collisions in the additive parts as they are being built, and expensive hybrid machine laser. Potential problems can be identified in advance and the expensive hybrid systems is protected.

Quick access history

With droplet technology, the VERICUT additive model offers much more than just "material buildup": each "drop" contains valuable history information about the design. This saves time investigating errors, voids, or misplaced material since the source of the problem is revealed with just one-click.

Realistic appearance

The additive module offers superior simulation of the material deposition, which is easily distinguished from the cut stock. Therefore, having the ability to clearly see where each bead of material is placed in a step-by-step process is essential for successful AM.

5-Axis Machining

VERICUT's verification process accurately checks for errors in all 5-axis milling, turning and additive laser sintering processes, regardless of the complexity of the machining process.

NC Code - Hybrid Machines

The simulation is based on the same post-processed NC code that is also used to drive conventional CNC machines. This allows the user to ensure that the additive functions work correctly with the set parameters. VERICUT can easily switch from additive to conventional cutting and back again at any time.

Additive Partners

Following are Examples of additive manufacturing with VERICUT

Additive V8.1

Additive Manufacturing with Mazak VC-500 AM Hybrid Machine

Additive manufacturing simulation with HAAS VF3-HMT head

VERICUT Additive Simulation of a BeAM Magic 2.0 Machine

Additive Manufacturing with DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D Hybrid Machine

Additive manufacturing simulation of 3D Hybrid Solutions impeller blade

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